For Individuals, Families, Couples, Parents and Children

We are here to help you when:

  • You need someone to really listen to you
  • Life feels overwhelming and you wonder how to cope
  • You are dealing with pain from the past
  • You feel too distant from your partner
  • You see your child struggling to find friends or fend off bullies
  • Your teen is facing peer pressure or seems lost
Here to help

At Mount Vernon Family Therapy, you can find the help and resources you need:

Individual Therapy, Alexandria, VA

You can work individually with one of our skilled counselors.  All of us are skilled in finding the right mix of ideas and approaches for the issues you are facing.  Find out more about Individual Therapy.

Couples Therapy, Alexandria VA

You can work with us as a couple, when you want to heal your relationship or help the bond between you and your partner grow healthier.  Find out  more about Couples Counseling and our Workshop for Couples.

You can work as a family or as parents, when you want to make positive change in your life at home, or help a child cope with hardships that have become overwhelming. Find out more about Family Therapy and Parent Coaching.

counseling for parents alexandria va

When children need help we work collaboratively with you as parents. Before any therapy with children, we first talk with you. Our approach is tailored to the child or teen’s developmental life stage. Find out more about Child and Adolescent Therapy.

When you are ready, contact us to find out how we can help you.

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