Child & Adolescent Therapy

Children's Therapy Alexandria VA

Therapy can help kids and teens work through tough times, develop new solutions to problems, and gain confidence.

We can help when life doesn’t go as planned, such as when there is a divorce, death of a loved one, medical diagnosis, or other stressful circumstances needing support.

When kids and teens need help our approach is always to work collaboratively with you as parents. Before any therapy with children, we first talk with parents about the treatment plan. We ensure teens are included in discussions about treatment goals and how therapy can help. We may recommend:

  • Individual therapy to help children deal with big feelings and learn how to regulate themselves.
  • Parent coaching to help you help your child manage difficult feelings or reduce behavioral outbursts.
  • Family therapy which may include the whole family or sub-units (more on Family Therapy)

What to expect

During the initial intake session, a therapist will meet with parents to talk about concerns. The therapist will ask questions about your child’s emotional & academic development, social skills, and family relationships. During the second session, the therapist will meet with your child or teen to assess how the best way to work together.

When you are ready, contact us to schedule an appointment.