Individual counseling alexandria va
Make the changes you want, with support that draws from the most beneficial therapeutic approaches.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmingly anxious, burdened or ashamed?  Do you find your emotions get in the way of forming friendships or enjoying time alone or with others?

It can be hard to push past difficult thoughts and emotions that come back again and again.

Individual Therapy Can Help When. . .

  • You  have trouble overcoming a painful past.  Maybe you grew up with a sad parent, or one who used too much alcohol or drugs. Maybe it’s hard to feel content or happy, or believe that you are really lovable.
  • You  have difficulty coping with unexpected change or loss. Sometimes despite your best efforts and dreams, your marriage has ended and it’s hard to move on. Or your job ends suddenly. Or an elderly parent needs lots of help, or has passed away. We can give you support to grieve without wearing out your friends and family.
  • Sometimes unpleasant feelings seem to run (or ruin) your  life.
    • Worrying can be second nature. What would you use your brain for if it weren’t occupied with problems? We can teach you ways to find peace within yourself.
    • Feeling guilty or overly-responsible happens to a lot of people, but especially those who live in a family where someone else is in great pain or out of control. We’ll help you find how to do good that doesn’t hurt you.
    • Sadness and depression can hit just about anyone, if life throws enough curve balls. There are many things that can help with sadness and anxiety, besides medication.

There can be many painful things in life. We can help you sort out what is troubling you, and help you find new ways to cope, and new strength.Together, we can take a look at patterns and habits you may have learned along the way, and define and develop your dreams for your life ahead.

You can find our way through, with counseling that brings courage, support, and the skills you need to bring about the changes you want to make.

Work With a Dedicated Professional Counselor

In individual therapy, you work with a dedicated, professional counselor. Our counselors have advance degrees in counseling, with clinical experience from a wide range of settings.

Our counselors’s advanced training includes Solution-Focused Counseling, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement and Desensitization (EMDR), Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Internal Family Systems.

Knowing the change you want, and having the skills and tools you need now make a big difference!

Contact us or call us at 703-768-6240 to find out about working individually with one of our professional counselors.