Family Therapy


Does family harmony, having good times together, and mutual respect seem like an impossible dream? Family life does not have to be this difficult. We are here to help.

Professional family counseling can help when divorce or remarriage has reshaped your family, your efforts to support a family member who is going through a tough time are met with hostility or blame, or there is so much arguing or teasing that being together for dinner or on the weekends is anything but fun. You can work as a family to make positive changes in your current home life or to repair longstanding hurts. Family therapy can be especially helpful when children struggle to find their footing in adulthood.

In family therapy, everyone has a voice. Family therapy can help set appropriate boundaries, solve problems, improve communication and process hurt feelings in a safe space.

How We Work with Families

Typically, family sessions include the whole family, but in some cases only part of the family participates depending on the problem and the age of the children. The therapist begins by hearing everyone’s concerns and helps family members decide on specific things they’d like to change. After a session or two the therapist will meet with each family member separately. Family therapy can be in conjunction with individual therapy.

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