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Feel Happier, Safer & Better Understood: Couples Workshop

Here is how Mark and Elena used to spend time together:

couple emotionally disconnected before emotionally focused therapy
Before Emotionally Focused Therapy

Here are Mark and Elena now, enjoying a moment of emotional connection:

emotionally connected couple, after emotionally focused therapy
After Emotionally Focused Therapy

What’s the difference?

Mark and Elena noticed a distance that wasn’t there before. So they did something about it.

Ever feel like your relationship is a little off?

But you don’t know what to do?

Life happens. Kids, work, bills. You both get busy taking care of everything. But something shifts in the relationship.

Mark and Elena tried to address it:

Elena: “Hey, hon. How are things going?”
Mark: “Fine.”
Elena: “Fine? You’ve hardly said two words to me in weeks.”
Mark: “Well, I’m tired. Work is busy. I don’t really want to talk about it.”

How would you feel in this conversation?


You’re not alone.

Don’t Settle for Silence When You Need Acceptance

Many couples settle for quiet co-existence. But they’re longing for deeper connection. They just need a bridge — a roadmap.

That’s what the Creating Connection workshop is about. This is a 7-step process to reconnect. You learn to use it in a weekend. You start feeling more connected in days, not weeks.

Find how to open up together without weeks of expensive therapy or overly simple answers.

See More, Love More

Here’s what to expect:

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What Makes Emotionally Focused Therapy Work?

Creating Connection uses a proven process for emotional connection. It’s a series of conversations based on Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. This therapy came from decades of research by Dr. Sue Johnson.

  • EFT works for most couples: it has a 75% success rate in clinical studies.
  • Sue Johnson and others have been testing this approach since the 1980s.
  • EFT is the only approach that uses scientific research on adult bonding to help couples understand and resolve relationship problems
  • It works to dramatically improve a wide variety of issues, such as constant arguing, emotional distance, feeling misunderstood, and an unsatisfying sex life.

EFT significantly improves how couples self-adjust their interactions and their resulting happiness. In studies with married couples, it works over 75% of the time —

The idea is this. Connection to your partner is more than a nice-to-have. You are wired to seek a partner who gets you emotionally. It’s not just natural to reach out for understanding, to be seen, heard, held. It’s essential to your health and wellbeing as a person.

Yet many couples think sexual attraction and closeness is mysterious or fleeting. That’s not true, says Dr. Sue (and we agree). Your sex life and your emotional life can remain rich and rewarding for your whole partnership.

Lasting, deeply rewarding love is not only possible.  You can cultivate it with 7 conversations you can learn and make your own.

dr sue johnson transform relationships

Secure love grows when you know how to gently uncover and meet each other’s emotional needs.

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