The Best Gift Money Can’t Buy

Sometimes the greatest gift to our loved one isn’t anything you can buy in a store.

It’s the willingness to nurture a relationship in small ways, all year long, to enrich your love and happiness together.

Here are 5 ways to add a spark of fun and enjoyment that don’t cost anything:

  1. Doing extra dishes during the holidays? Have a little fun with a dishtowel snapping battle while cleaning the kitchen. Playful moments are the food of love.
  2. We all need friendships beyond the one with our mate. Be friends with people who are friendly to your marriage, who don’t pull you away or compete with your devotion to your relationship. Think of ways to have fun together – whether it’s to swap cookies, meet at a restaurant, or go bowling on a cold weekend.
  3. Put the electronics down!
  4. Hug and touch often!
  5. Build a list of things you appreciate about your partner, and share those often.

Relationship Wishes

All of us at the Mount Vernon Family Therapy Center wish you health, friendship, the happiness found in simple pleasures, and new joys with the ones you love.