fun things to do in Alexandria, VA

5 Fun Things to Do On a Winter Day

Do you have places you like to go, just because it feels good to be there?

We thought about the places that make us smile when we visit.

These are our personal choices. They don’t cost anything. They aren’t complicated. They are close to Alexandria, Virginia, where we work.

Enjoy this virtual tour (video) of 5 free places to simply have fun this winter. Find a comfy seat for this two-minute video visit, or get directions with this Google map. It’s our holiday gift to you!

#1: Sunrise on the Potomac. View this time-lapse sunrise video. If you drive, there are a few free places along the Potomac River on the George Washington Parkway.

#2 A cozy corner at Hooray for Books. We like this family-friendly bookstore in Del Ray with books for all ages. Story times and meet-the-author events help you create special memories with younger children.

#3 A universe of craft supplies at Upcycle Creative Use Center. Doing crafts helps people feel better. That’s not just an opinion. The National Institutes of Health did a report to find out if fun things to do like crafting helped improve well-being. Family caregivers “reported significantly reduced stress, decreased anxiety, and increased positive emotions after taking part” in craft activities, found one particular study.

#4 Birds and Boats at Belle Haven Marina. If you get stuck thinking negative thoughts, a nature walk can help clear your mind. Spending time in a natural setting reduced brain activity in areas linked with. depression. So found a study on the positive impact of being in nature on our well-being.

#5 Collingwood Lights.  We don’t know anyplace with more dazzling lights per square inch than this private home on Collingwood Road in Alexandria, VA.  Lights twinkle and blink in time with music on a short-range radio station. On wet days the display may stay dark for safety. Collingwood Lights is one of the must unique fun things to do in Alexandria, and it usually runs through the first few days in January.