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Learn the most successful relationship tools that stop pointless arguments and bring you closer.

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About Creating Connection

Creating Connection, is an educational program which helps couples understand and trust each other through transforming conversations. It’s based on Dr. Sue Johnsons proven Hold Me Tight® framework.  In the Creating Connection weekend, You will learn how to:

  • End the cycles of frustration and loneliness in your relationship
  • Make sense of your own emotions
  • Learn about your partner’s inner world
  • Create lasting trust and intimacy
  • Forgive injuries that destroy trust and safety
  • Deepen your romantic/sexual connection

Based on decades of research, this approach helps helps thousands of couples to step out of negative cycles, and create a more secure, loving, and lasting connection — even if they have struggled to heal their relationship before.


When:  We only notify you in private by email (and send no spam, ever).

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Where:  Mount Vernon Family Therapy,
NEW location: 2560 Huntington Ave, Alexandria, VA 22303, Suite 302

Who This Helps: Couples desiring a more fulfilling connection who are not in serious distress (such as domestic violence, substance abuse, or severe mental illness).

Early Bird:  $550 per couple (save $50!) up to two weeks before the workshop.

Regular Fee: $600 per couple;

Fee Includes:

  • Workshop materials
  • A lunch hour to enjoy on your own — many options nearby
  • Two-Days Facilitated Experiences
  • DVD Presentations
  • Private Facilitated Sessions
  • Take-home printed guides

Checks and credit cards accepted.

To Learn More or Register : Call 703 495 3105.

Your Facilitators

Leading and supporting you are: Kit Gray, MS, and Sarah Leffler, LCSW

Hold Me Tight Workshop
HOLD ME TIGHT® Workshop Book by Dr. Sue Johnson


Mount Vernon Family Therapy Office

2560 Huntington Ave, Suite 302
Alexandria VA, 22303
Phone: 703-768-6240



$600 $550 PER COUPLE

  • SAVE $50



Is this workshop right for us?

This workshop is NOT about learning how to argue better, making grand romantic overtures, or adopt new sexual positions. (It is not intended for couples experiencing domestic violence, substance abuse or severe mental illness.)

This workshop is for you and your partner, who are emotionally attached, but struggle to find the nurturing, warmth and protection you long to feel together. Creating Connection gives you a proven framework to heal and strengthen your emotional bond through transformative moments in your adult loving relationship.

Can we park at the Mount Vernon Family Therapy location?

Yes! You can park free. Our building is located next to several off-street parking areas.

We accept personal checks and credit card payments

What if I have another question?

Your questions about this workshop are welcome!
Please call us at 703-768-6240 or email

While couples therapy is like putting out fires; this class teaches how to prevent them. —Workshop Participant

Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, your risk will be even greater  — Erica Jong