mvft-family-servicesDoes family harmony, having good times together, and mutual respect seem like an impossible dream?

Family life does not have to be this difficult.  We are here to help.

Counseling can involve just you as parents, or include parents and children.

Professional family counseling can help when:

  • It’s tough to get your children to talk to you. (Do you wonder what’s going on in their minds?) Raising resilient children, who are ready to cope with modern life is a real challenge. Together, we can find ways to connect to your children’s hearts in ways that give them a clear foundation of love and security.
  • You are concerned that the ways you were raised don’t work in today’s world. Do you find yourself thinking, “Oh no, I sound just like my Mom (or Dad)”? Or do you find it difficult to talk about the tough topics families face now? Find  ways to think through your goals as a parent, and what you want your children to learn from you.
  • Divorce has reshaped your family. Healing from divorce, or starting a blended family take lots of time and attention. We can help the adults among you work together to help your children feel safe and wanted.
  • You find yourself relying on blaming and yelling to get your children to behave. You can find new ways to set limits and show love in ways that help your children feel secure, and able to move toward autonomy.
  • Your children seem to argue and tease so much that family harmony seems like a distant dream. Rivalry can sap the fun out of being together for dinner and weekends. In family therapy, everyone learns how to find their place, say their piece, and live more peacefully.

How We Work with Families, Parents and Children

You can work as a family or as parents, when you want to make positive change in your life at home, or help a child cope with hardships that have become overwhelming.

When children need help or play therapy, our approach is always to work collaboratively with you as parents. Before any therapy with children, we first talk with you the parents about the treatment plan.

Counseling services for parents include: coaching, parenting classes, and working with you individually to make the changes you want to see in your relationships within your family.

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