Parenting for Emotional Intelligence

Parenting support counseling Alexandria VAThere isn’t a harder job in the world than being a parent.

How do you help your child deal with difficult feelings, like sadness, anger, jealousy and shyness?

  • Does your child get angry when you correct him? Refuse to help with family chores?
  • Are there conversations about important things that you aren’t sure how to approach?
  • Do your kids squabble or hurt each other?

Teaching children to be kind and to follow rules takes practice.

Counseling services for parents include: coaching, parenting classes, and working with you individually to make the changes you want to see in your parenting.

Often, family conflicts arise when you and your partner have different parenting styles and expectations. Counseling for you as parents help you think through how you really want family life to go, and how to work with each other.

How To Get Started

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Quiz: Are You a Good Listener?

What do you do when your children or loved one tells you about a problem?  How are your listening skills? Take the quiz!

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