How to Heal a Relationship After a Fight

Handling Hurt and Painful Feelings in a Relationship (Video) Fighting with your partner hurts so much! How can our emotions fuel healing instead? It’s so hard to handle all the hurt and pain that comes after arguing with your spouse or

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Am I Sad or Depressed? Being Sad vs Depressed and What to Do About It

5 Ways to Help Yourself When You’re Sad, or Suspect You’re Depressed We all go through periods of times when nothing feels right. We have days when we are sad, lack motivation, or prefer being alone. It is okay. This is a normal part

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How Emotions Make or Break Relationships

  Almost nothing is worse in a relationship than feeling unappreciated or invisible to your partner. Couples experience this awful disconnect in many different ways. It seems the smallest things can touch it off: You’ve asked your partner to pick

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How to Stop Constant Arguing In Your Relationship

Every relationship goes through rough patches. Maybe you’ve begun to question whether staying together can make up for the fighting. For some couples, the arguments end, and life returns to normal. But when you constantly feel hurt, ignored or rejected, it is natural to

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5 Self-Esteem Struggles That Cause Suffering, and How to Get Unstuck

Imagine you’ve just finished a job interview. You really want this job. But, as you leave the room, the emotional storm begins. You start thinking of all the reasons why you won’t get chosen. “I bet I looked nervous. I

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Calming Anger As a Couple

No one likes to admit it. But even for the happiest of couples, anger sometimes gets the better of us. Partners have different ways of showing it. Some erupt in angry outbursts. Others withdraw into stony silence.   Of course you

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Want to Stop Arguing? Why Kindness is the Key

“It feels like we have the same arguments over and over again.” “I know deep down that I love him, but too often, I just don’t feel it.” “Why does it take so little to set her off? I barely

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Our List of Best Relationship Books and Reading for Well-Being

The best relationship books can provide new ways to view our challenges, and allow us to try on new ideas. They help us discover new ways for relationships to grow, and inspire us to work for what we value in life. Good self-care

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When You Want to Make Family Time Special

How to Make Special Family Memories Often, families find great comfort in circling back to familiar celebrations and traditions. For example, I know of one family that celebrated a decades-long Christmas Eve tradition. They prepared a dinner of bratwurst and

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Comforting Holiday Sadness

When the Holidays Bring up Sadness or Losses Unfortunately, not all holiday memories are happy. We may miss loved ones no longer with us. When life dashes our dreams of something better, we may feel crushed. We may simply miss

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