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How to Heal a Relationship After a Fight

Handling Hurt and Painful Feelings in a Relationship (Video)

Fighting with your partner hurts so much! How can our emotions fuel healing instead?

It’s so hard to handle all the hurt and pain that comes after arguing with your spouse or partner.  How do you fix a relationship when bringing things up causes another fight?

You love your spouse, your partner. And you want to get past the issue and feel warm and close together again.

Why Are Relationships So Painful Sometimes?

It’s normal to be upset about relationship problems.  That’s because as humans, we need each other. We rely on each other for protection, companionship, and love.  When something happens to disrupt the good feelings we have together, we feel threatened.

Deep down, we know that if our love relationship goes away, we lose something important and vital to feeling safe, stable, and okay in the world.

Sometimes, intense emotions about disagreements with our partner can get in the way of communicating. Instead of solving our relationship problems, we get stuck fighting about the little things that we believe tell us something’s wrong.  One or both partners can be so worried and emotional, they end up pushing each other away.

How can couples start coming together to help each other instead?

How to Find the Emotions that Heal Your Relationship

Emotions seem like part of the problem. But actually, they’re also part of the answer.

No matter how tough or bad things feel right now, you can find a way back to calmer, more loving, and deeper connection with your partner.

Kris Rosenthal, MA, couples therapist and founder of Mount Vernon Family Therapy, explains how to handle hurt and painful feelings in your relationship so you can grow closer again.

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