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Couple comforting each other

Want to Stop Arguing? Why Kindness is the Key

“It feels like we have the same arguments over and over again.” “I know deep down that I love him, but too often, I just don’t feel it.” “Why does it take so little to set her off? I barely walked in the door before she started in on meRead More

Best relationship books

Our List of Best Relationship Books and Reading for Well-Being

The best relationship books can provide new ways to view our challenges, and allow us to try on new ideas. They help us discover new ways for relationships to grow, and inspire us to work for what we value in life. Good self-care is also key to loving relationships. Another benefit: Reading aRead More

When You Want to Make Family Time Special

Do create rituals or carry on meaningful ones, which anchor our lives in the rhythm of theRead More

comforting holiday sadness

Comforting Holiday Sadness

When the Holidays Bring up Sadness or LossesRead More

holiday stress management

Holiday Stress Management Tips When There Aren’t Enough Hours In the Day

Holiday travel and changes in our daily routine can disrupt important things we do to rest our minds, restore our spirits,Read More

holiday connections

Holiday Cards and Connections: When You Want to Renew Old Ties

People have a wide range of feelings about exchanging holiday cards and annual news letters. One couple explains they welcome getting holiday cards andRead More

give the gift of love

Holiday Spending: Talking with Your Partner about Money

#7. When You’re Really Tempted to Splurge From: 11 Holiday Stresses, and What to Do Instead. If we want to really make a holiday special, our big plansRead More

mitten love

Being Open: The Gift of Being Emotionally Available

6. When You’re Longing for Special Moments With Your Partner You’re exploring: 11 Holiday Stresses, and What to Do Instead. Sign up for all 11 tips to help you feel closer this holiday season. Do giveRead More

holiday stress too bush

When the Holiday Rush Brings the Holiday Blues

5. When You’re Too Busy to Stop You’re exploring: 11 Ways Holiday Stress Ruins Relationships, and What to Do Instead. Sign up for all 11 tips to help you feel closerRead More

Holiday Decorating from the Heart

#4. Tips for Holiday Decor From the Heart

When You Want Decorating Bliss From the series: 11 Ways Holiday Stress Ruins Relationships, and WhatRead More